Moving, moving, moving!

Packing, moving, cleaning, painting, unpacking. Repeat. This has been my life since last December! First I helped my mom move from a four-bedroom house to a condo. That took about six months. Then, out of the blue, it was my turn! What an unexpected blessing. My daughter and her husband closed on the house on July 10 and we were able to start moving in on the 12th.

My room is called the “Meem Suite.” (My grandkids call me “Mimi” but that is SO long, they shortened it to “Meem” or on special occasions “Meem-da-leem.” Isn’t that great?) The first thing I wanted to do was paint it because a lot of furniture was going to be moved into it, and I didn’t want to have to move everything twice. So, that first Saturday I painted the walk-in closet a neutral color first, just so it was nice and fresh and clean before I started packing it full of stuff. It is large enough to hold all my clothes, my dresser, a large oak filing cabinet, six large archival boxes of artwork from college, some craft cube cabinets, six large bins holding batting and quilting supplies, plus other miscellaneous items. What an awesome blessing! I’ve never had a closet even remotely like this one!

Then I started on my main bedroom/studio. I wanted to get rid of the dark khaki color before we started moving in all the furniture for my quilting studio/bedroom. It just seemed too dark and dreary for a studio space.

I had to get rid of this wall color as soon as possible!

Instead, I wanted a clean, light color that wouldn’t influence the fabric colors when I’m designing a quilt. I chose Sherwin Williams Windowpane which is a soft, muted blue-green color without too much gray. I have two north-facing windows and didn’t want everything to look overly gray. I love it! The green undertones warm up the color just enough that it doesn’t feel cold. It feels like a very cheerful, restful color. In person, the color is a little more aqua than the photos show below.

On Saturday afternoon the guys started moving in an embarrassing number of boxes and set them in the hallway next to my room. Thankfully, the majority of my studio was pretty much organized before I started packing, so once the cabinets were in place I was able to unpack a bunch of boxes in just a few hours.

The one sad “loss” is that my 3-foot by 8-foot worktable just would not make it through the door because of the way it is built, and there is no way to disassemble it, so we decided to put that in the homeschool room instead. I started exploring different options for a worktable for my room. Pinterest is my friend! We talked about possibly building a table for my sewing machine but before we could even start planning, I stumbled across a Koala sewing cabinet for only $300! While I know it is fairly old, it was barely used so it is in pristine condition. Since we have enough other projects to keep us busy for the rest of the year, I jumped at that bargain! It was safely in our van just three hours after the previous owner had listed it for sale.

So progress is being made. Yes, I am still unpacking boxes in my room as well as helping to set up parts of the rest of the house. It’s really not all about me and my space. I just figured you wouldn’t want to hear all the plans for the entire house! We expect it to take a while to figure everything out, but after the dust settles I see quilts in my future!


3 responses to “Moving, moving, moving!”

  1. I love your paint color! Looks just perfect. Congrats on the new place, 💖 with your daughter! 💖, and what a great find for your sewing area!! 👍

    1. Thanks! I feel blessed!

  2. Welcome home! So happy for you all. And happy news about the cabinet. Sounds like a gift just when you needed it!