Refreshing my bathroom

Bathroom before refreshing

It has been about a month since we moved to our new home. It feels like a refreshing retreat! We sit out on the deck in the morning, drinking coffee, and enjoying the trees and the sound of birds and the fresh air. I feel so blessed.

I wanted to extend that retreat feeling into my bedroom and bathroom. The first thing I did (on moving day no less!) was to get rid of the olive/khaki wall color in my bedroom. I painted it a nice pale aqua, Sherwin Williams Window Pane.

Bathroom after refreshing

Once the dust of the move settled down, I moved on to the bathroom. I wanted to eradicate the olive color on the walls. I picked a slightly deeper color than my bedroom, a Sherwin Williams color called Meander Blue. Whew! What a relief when that the olive/khaki color was gone!

Next I moved on to my vanity. I’d like to eventually replace it or raise it up 6″ because it is only 30″ high, but painting it will suffice for now. I used Heirloom Traditions chalk paint, which was so easy to use. Just clean the cabinet, de-gloss, and paint. I really enjoyed the process and I’m looking forward to painting some other furniture using this paint. I have my eyes on my fabric cabinet and my library drawers. For my vanity, I used the color, Mediterranean, which is a deep blue-green color, depending on the light. In my bathroom, it looks pretty much like a nice navy color, so I’m happy with that. But it did make my bathroom floor look pretty bad…

So, I turned to peel and stick vinyl tiles to cover the existing brown sheet linoleum. I wanted an inexpensive solution that I could do myself and these tiles worked beautifully. I used FloorPops that I purchased on sale through Amazon. They were so easy to install! You can cut them with a pair of scissors. Even my 5-year old and 3-year old granddaughters were able to help.

I was hesitant to use such a bold tile design, but now I’m glad I did. It makes the entire bathroom seem brighter. My daughter says it looks like a fancy hotel!

Now it’s time to relax in my whirlpool tub and enjoy my refreshed bathroom!