Four years later

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Four long years. I miss him every day. Just about everything has changed for me, except the love for the Lord that my sweet hubby infused in me. Dave lived with unwavering assurance that God would walk with us through every high and low, and that is exactly what has happened. I will forever be thankful for how God used Dave in my life. 

I am so blessed that we have a very close family. My daughters and their husbands and families have supported each other during this time of recovery. We have wept together and rejoiced together. Three more grandchildren have joined us since Dave went to heaven. Aliza was in the womb at that time, but she talks about “Bap” as if she knew him because she’s been told so many stories about him. I can’t wait until her brother, Boaz, and her cousin, Caleb, do the same. He would have absolutely reveled in playing with all these grandkids! There is no doubt his memory will always be kept alive in our family. Truly, he is still having an impact on us.