Product review: Heat Press Batting Together

I have recommended to sweet hubby that we should rename the month of May. I think it should now be called “If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would get done” month. He says it should be called “Desperation.” His idea has the virtue of being short and concise: March, April, Desperation, June, July… I don’t think Desperation is exactly how I feel, though. More of “why on earth … Continue reading

A week or so of Hazel

This past week or so I’ve had the great fun of spending lots of time with Hazel in one form or another. It started with quilting the two little portraits of her at three months and ten months old. Earlier this week we went to Young’s Dairy Farm so she could see the goats. She loved them licking her hands, but I think she had just as much fun following … Continue reading

Product review: InvisaFil thread

I’ve been wanting to try out a new-to-me thread called InvisaFil made by WonderFil Specialty Threads. It is a “cottonized” 100 weight polyester thread. I assume “cottonized” refers to the fact that it has more of a matte finish so it doesn’t look like monofilament thread but it is about the same weight. It is so thin that it is not overly noticeable when used for quilting. That would be … Continue reading

Happy birthday to my sister!

Happy birthday to my sister! I finally finished quilting her original quilt top!!! I finished stitching the binding on this morning and I’m shipping it off to her this afternoon. It will arrive the day after her birthday. Unfortunately, I finished a day (plus a few years) later than I wanted, but considering it’s taken me more than three years to get around to actually quilting it, I guess one … Continue reading

Borders for my sister’s quilt

I finished all of the interior quilting and was left with just the borders. I was not sure what to do there. I wanted something that would compliment both the straight parallel lines and the free motion swirls. Just last week I saw a video online by The Quilt Journal and she did a very nice demo showing how she used the half ellipse “Fine Line” Quilter’s Template by Accents … Continue reading

Curves and swirls for my sister’s quilt

Last weekend I finished all the straight line quilting on my sister’s quilt. On Monday I started quilting the light areas of the quilt with curves and swirls. I love improvisational free motion quilting. No marking. No rulers. Just nice swirling lines. My sister’s idea was to quilt it as if water was running down the quilt and swirling around all the twists and turns of the dark “bricks.” Free … Continue reading

Product Review: Fine Line Quilter’s Straight Rulers

I am primarily motivated by deadlines. A looming deadline is the main reason I get anything done. When I am avoiding a difficult deadline, I can find any number of reasons to procrastinate, from replacing the shelf paper in my pantry to organizing a drawer to making something for Hazel. I am secondarily motivated by guilt. My sister made a beautiful, original quilt top several years ago. I remember when … Continue reading