Updating websites

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I haven’t been quilting, but I’ve been very busy. Maybe you’ve noticed a difference? I’ve been spending a lot of time updating my website. Well, actually websites but more about that later. I’ve had this website since 1999, back when … Continued

Gallery updated

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I just finished updating my gallery page so it now features Windblown and Embrace 1. Writing artist’s statements is definitely not my strength, so if you have questions about either of these pieces, or if you have ideas of what … Continued

Hopefully the website is back up

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It’s been a long five days for AT&T and SBC Global customers. For some reason, those companies decided to “black hole” the webserver that three of my websites are on, along with more than 200 other customers. Thank you to … Continued

Almost Done

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I’m almost done. I’ve been wanting to renovate my website, give it a new look, and add a blog for nearly a year now. About two weeks ago I decided enough was enough! I found a free WordPress template I … Continued