Filming for Quilting Arts TV

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Filming for Quilting Arts TVI’m breathing a big sigh of relief! We just got back from Cincinnati. We went down to the International Quilt Festival where I was scheduled to film two short segments with Pokey Bolton for Quilting Arts TV. Suffice it to say, I’ve been nervous for pretty much the entire last month, beginning about five minutes after Pokey asked me to come. (Why do I say yes to these things? Should I confess to you that I get nervous any time I have to speak to more than five or six people? Sigh.)

Anyway, we packed everything up this morning and dear sweet hubby drove me down. We live only an hour away, so I soothed myself by sipping coffee and reading quilt books during the ride. I almost forgot where we were going and why.

Quilting Arts TV - silhouettes segmentPokey gave me the opportunity to film two short, five minute segments. The first one was on silhouette quilts. They even hung a couple of them on the black curtain behind us. “Sheer Whim” is back there too.

Quilting Arts TV - color segmentAfter the silhouette segment, I set up all of the stuff for the color segment. This was the hard segment for me. What do you say about color when you only have five minutes? I know I had way more stuff that we could ever get to. But, Pokey is very good at putting you at ease, and making you feel that you’ve said the most brilliant thing ever. I can’t remember what it was, however. I’ll have to wait for it to run on PBS.