"Windblown" by Maria ElkinsIntroducing “Windblown.”

I just finished the binding! Time for a little break and a mini celebration ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve been following the progress day by day, thank you for your interest, your comments and encouragement!

If you’re seeing this for the first time and if you’re interested, you can see the work in progress by reading the posts in the Windblown category, beginning with the May 17 post.

Now I need to pin it up nice and straight, put it in good lighting, and get some really good pictures. Then I’ll be able to show you some good detail shots. Next week I’ll probably add it to the list of all my quilts.


32 responses to “Windblown”

  1. I love how you have quilted this piece. Each element was so well thought out and executed. The hair is great with the feathers, etc. You have a wonderful vision of how to use quilting patterns in non-traditional ways that make your pieces really speak. This is such an awesome piece and it has been great following along as it has progressed. Thank you.

  2. Oh wow, this is outstanding. I love everything about it but especially like the way your quilted tendrils curl back on themselves leading the eye back to the figure.

  3. Joann Sarachman Avatar
    Joann Sarachman

    WOW. This is amazing. You are extremly talented to be able to accomplish such an intricate quilt in so short a time.

  4. Lori Kennedy Avatar
    Lori Kennedy

    I just LOVE the quilting you did on this! Adds so much interest to the overall composition. Congratulations on this beautiful piece of artwork!

  5. Another stunning piece. I agree that your choices for the quilting make this a really interesting quilt. Absolutely love your work.

  6. You’re amazing!

  7. I love it, I love it, I love it! I am the mother of three red-headed daughters so I especially like this one. I haven’t been following the process, but I will look at older posts. It is just lovely!

  8. Amazing. Absolutely amazing!!

  9. Love this! And really enjoyed reading about your progress.

  10. So quick you are! Great to see how it works – I have a red headed daughter with flowing red hair so this one hits home!! Gorgeous!

  11. Maria, your work is always so graphically striking, and yet when you see it up closer, the quilting lines are the really stunning part. Another masterpiece!

  12. I Love it! I can feel the wind blowing from here! How big is it? I really love the feathers in the hair, it gives it great texture. I’m inspired!

    1. Lisa, it’s 39″ by 25″.

  13. Wow Maria, you’ve done it again.

  14. Oh No, it is over. I look forward to following you and the progress. I will miss our time together. The finished product is BEAUTIFUL!!! I really want to come over and hang out with you and all your incrediable knowledge. maybe someday I will be able to take a class of yours. I do own your DVDs, the next best thing! You just don’t answer me when I have a question.

    1. LOL! Helen, I’m as close as your email ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. WOW – I don’t know which I like better – the hair..the background…eye just keeps flowing around. Simply amazing! I very much enjoyed following the prosess too – thank you for sharing that, it is so inspiring!

  16. I absolutely love it! The colors in the hair are wonderful and really have a lot of movement to them. Then my eyes travel to the quilting on the background and I am blown away. This is just outstandin Maria, thanks for posting it and inviting us to enjoy it.

  17. sherry Peterson Avatar
    sherry Peterson

    This piece is breath taking, the quilting is so dynamic and is just perfects for that wind blown look. Great inspiration, I will practice more

  18. Ann Wiseman Avatar
    Ann Wiseman

    Spectacular. Just… spectacular. !!!

  19. Barbara Jones Avatar
    Barbara Jones

    Simply stunning – I love everything about it!!

    . . . . . . . BEAUTIFUL . . . . . . .

  20. Connie Avatar


    This is Sooooo beautiful ! I love your work !

    Thanks for sharing

  21. Wow – this is absolutely STUNNING – just incredible! Congratulations!

  22. The quilting on this is stunning! I love how you used the feathers to show movement. Stunning!

  23. Lunachance Avatar

    Stunning. You have made another breath taking beauty. Where are you going to submit it? I would love to see this quilt in person. The quilting (trapunto) is amazing. There is so much movement, my eyes are not sure where to land ๐Ÿ™‚ The hair is playful and wonderful. I really enjoy your ability and skill.


    1. Thanks! I just sent in an entry form for the Houston show, so hopefully it will be there ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Linda Nelsestuen Avatar
    Linda Nelsestuen

    Wow! The stitching, colors and lighting are pure genius. You are an inspiration!

  25. Marsha Avatar

    This is beautiful. I love how the windblown look continues with the background quilting.

  26. Mary Ann Avatar
    Mary Ann

    I LOVE it! It makes me smile. I think she could be a friend of mine!

  27. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It is phenomenal!

  28. Gloria Avatar

    An awesome piece of art! I just looked through your postings of your progress with “Windblown” and, as always, I’m amazed with your talent. Thanks for sharing with us.
    I have a copy of your “Making Faces” DVD too and just love it. Now, I need to read the latest QA magazine. I haven’t opened my copy yet, but you mentioned it had lots of info on portraits. I want to read those and get your DVD playing again. You are sooo inspiring.