Time for a break

Celebrate!As you might have noticed, I’ve been keeping pretty busy lately. This afternoon was the perfect time for a little break and a mini celebration. Off to Dairy Queen for a cappuccino heath blizzard. Mmmm…

I did do some work today. I finished blocking the quilt and took some good pictures. I might try some more tomorrow with different lighting. Here’s a detail shot of a portion of the hair on “Windblown.”

Windblown detail


2 responses to “Time for a break”

  1. Ann Wiseman Avatar
    Ann Wiseman

    What batting do you use? What thread? I see you made some changes to the drawing, in blue? Neat to see how the original idea evolved… Oh, and that looks like a wonderfully reasonable size Blizzard. : 9

    1. Yes, I made changes to the original drawing. The blue lines are the revisions, just like you observed. In the original drawing, I felt like the hair on the left wasn’t blowing enough, so I redrew it at more of an angle.

      For this quilt, I wanted to create a trapunto effect, so I used Hobbs 100% wool batting on top and Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly batting underneath. I used Superior 40 weight trilobal polyester thread for most of the quilting, but I also used their new 100% silk thread in the face and some of the background.