Relief and grief

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DaveIt is with much relief that I was finally able to bring my sweet hubby home today after having suffered from a stroke on March 7. He has experienced amazing recovery. Physically, he is able to move his limbs as completely as before. He is able to speak normally and does not seem to have any problem processing speech. He is having trouble with his peripheral vision, but some of that may improve. The eye specialist, however, detected macular degeneration, so we will have to have that investigated further. We are so thankful for how God has held us through this past week.

Last night, however, we received other devastating news. Our youngest daughter, who is expecting their first precious baby, had an ultrasound which revealed that the baby has a very rare Neural Tube Defect knows as Acrania. This defect occurs shortly after conception and is typically discovered at the end of the first trimester. With this condition the baby’s skull from the forehead to the base of the neck does not form or develop. This condition then progresses to become Anencephaly, which is where the brain does not develop fully or is destroyed by the acidic amniotic fluid. Babies with this condition are typically stillborn or die very shortly after birth. If you want to research Acrania and Anencephaly more, I would just like to warn you that this is a very disfiguring disorder and the images provided on the internet are very graphic and disheartening.

As you can imagine they will be facing a daunting road ahead with lots of difficult decisions. We would all appreciate your prayers. Please pray that God grants them wisdom and strength. Please also pray for us as a family as we strive to support them and walk through this process with them. We strongly believe that God does not make mistakes and know that He has a specific plan for this baby and for our family as we go through this situation. We are trusting that He will provide strength and peace. They will be meeting with doctors on Wednesday afternoon to find out more information in regards to the baby and Bethany’s overall pregnancy.

I am pulling out of the teaching engagements that I had scheduled for the coming month. Right now I will be focusing completely on being a support to my husband and my family.

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  1. Kathy Land

    I will be praying for your whole family during this difficult time.

  2. Susan O. Schaller

    Wise decision ! You and your family have so much to deal with now! Been there with these babies when they are born and it is heart-wrenching for all concerned ! Many prayers for all of you! Susan

  3. BJ

    Oh my, such a mixed bag of emotions for your family. I’m so thankful that you have such a strong faith and know that God is in control and that he sees the big picture. You know you are not given more than you can handle, but it always amazes me to see how much God knows we can handle — much more than we ourselves think is possible. May you and all your family feel God’s arms of care and comfort wrapped around you as He leads you through this journey. My prayers are with you all.

  4. Sharon Driver

    God is so very good, Maria – and I’m trusting Him also. You helped me realize God’s goodness. Now get out that list of how we can help…..

  5. Susan Cane

    Sending many, many prayers to you and your family.

  6. Donna Becker

    Breathe gently through each moment knowing that God is in it. I’ll be praying for you and your family every day, I promise.

  7. Robbie Marie

    I am so sorry. There is no reason or rhyme why these things happen. No one is to blame. Life will be different; it will move on.

    3 years ago my daughter found out her baby would have Down syndrome at her 18 week ultrasound. They could also see that the baby’s intestines and stomach were not connected.

    They said my daughter would probably develop polyhydramnios, and she did. She delivered 8 full weeks early, the baby had died. She was revived. Two days later she was operated on to make a connection between her stomach and intestines when she weighed 3lbs. 7 weeks later they took her home when she was 5lbs. Two years later her little sister was born.

    Asking “why” and old cliches didn’t help, but crying and holding did. I wish we could have had a glimpse of a year ahead and see that we would make it and be happy.

    I also wish we had been able to talk to other families that had experienced the same condition. I’m sure that someone can help you with that, if not, there are internet resources.

    Listen, pray, cry, and hold each other.
    (Email if you ever want. I know that we DID take a baby home and that is entirely different. I’m praying for a solid recovery for your hubby, too.)

  8. Catherine Parkinson

    I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I’ve never met you but feel a huge lump in my throat just thinking about what you are going through. I will pray for you and your family. I hope that you will feel the Lord’s comforting arms around you and that he will carry you when you need it. Love and prayers sailing over the world from NZ. xx

  9. Tammi

    Prayers and thoughts sent your way! I think everyone understands you need to be there for your family.

  10. Paul

    Maria, You and Dave will be in my prayers as you support his recovery and as you both support your daughter.

    May God bless you with a few extra ounces of strength. May He shower you with peace to calm you and those around you. May your business not be affected by your need to set it aside as you support your family.

    May God heal Dave expediently that he might be able to more quickly resume his God given role in your family.

    May God bless your daughter and her husband with love, compassion and wisdom beyond their understanding.

    May this precious baby be healed.

    Until His work in All of us is complete… Amen.

  11. Elaine

    Our first child had serious birth defects; though she was saved by surgery, she has life-long disability issues and challenges. It was not easy, but we knew we were the lucky ones–our baby did live, grow, become a big sister, and more.

    The intention of God is that every baby develop and thrive, but life is imperfect… God’s provides the comfort of your family, the efforts of caregivers, and the love you have for this baby, which can never be quenched, no matter how short this life.

    • Maria

      Yes. Everyone involved has chosen to love this sweet baby wholeheartedly for as long as the Lord allows.

  12. mstilyn

    Maria, I am so sorry to hear about your precious grandbaby. I will pray for you and your family. God is still in control. Marilyn

  13. Ms Lottie

    We are thinking of you and your family. Glad to hear you brought you Hubby home and hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. Heartwrenching to hear about your daughter and her precious baby.

  14. Jane Urlage

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.