It’s just a piece of fabric

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I decided I needed to put aside procrastination and try working on something. I took out the blue quilt top I started in a Nancy Crow workshop last May.


This is the same quilt top I took out on February 1. Instead of being brave back then, I played the coward and worked on the blue Irish Chain quilt instead.

Today I decided to be brave. I kept telling myself the same thing I tell my students when I teach workshops. “It’s just a piece of fabric.” I pulled out my rotary cutter and my seam ripper and went to work.


I added a few of the tone-on-tone, striped fabrics that I set aside from the Irish Chain quilt. I like the added texture. Now I need to decide if I want the lines in the lower left corner to be horizontal or vertical.


I think I like the horizontal better, but I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow. I think I also need to add more of that medium brown somewhere.

I’m publicly stating that my goal is to finish this quilt top tomorrow (assuming nothing unforeseen pops up).