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b&l-15I finally finished cutting out all the GFG blocks (I never imagined it would take so long!), and I started painting, just like I promised. I thought the hair would be a safe place to start. While I like how it turned out, it doesn’t look anything like the real hair colors. Oh, well. That was just a “source photo,” right? I’m not trying to reproduce the photo, just the idea.

b&l-16Since I’m fairly messy, I’ve started covering lots of surfaces when I paint. These “chucks” work great under the palette, the brushes, and the water bucket. I got really, really big ones because I was originally hoping I could put them under my fabric while I was painting and they would suck up some of the water so I could control the bleeding better. It didn’t work like I imagined, but I think I’m going to try that idea again sometime, only with a thin fabric. But they are still great for protecting your quilt while you paint. Definitely worth the price, especially because they were 50% off.

b&l-17aNext came the skin tones. They actually came out much darker than I wanted. I tried using different ink colors this time, and it didn’t seem so dark when I was putting it on. Well, maybe they won’t look so stark when other colors are introduced. That comes now…

Deep breath… Onward!