Yeah! A second place ribbon!

Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria Elkins

The 2014 Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild show ended yesterday. It was a great success! From everything I could see, there was a lot of participation and attendance was good. I always love seeing the wide variety of quilts. Everyone from the newest newbie to the most experienced quilter is welcome to enter their quilts. There were also a wide variety of styles, from a couple of counted cross-stitch quilts, many … Continue reading

Coloring Grandma’s Garden

Between all my regular activities this weekend, I finally finished “Coloring Grandma’s Garden.” I fiddled with the binding because I wanted the little strip of pink to be very straight and even before I added the black and white binding. I put the hanging sleeve on as usual, but when it came time to make the label, I decided to surround it by another Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt block. It’s … Continue reading

Finishing and blocking

Today I finished quilting “Coloring Grandma’s Garden.” As with most quilts, you can see the edges were somewhat wavy by the time I was finished, and the quilt did not want to lay perfectly flat. This is one of the “good” areas, after I smoothed it out and tried to make it flat. Too bad I didn’t photograph the entire quilt when it was misbehaving. In any case, I really … Continue reading

Reviving Grandma’s Garden

Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria Elkins

I was looking at upcoming show deadlines and I realized I needed to take a break from my Push-up series and actually finish quilting something! So, I decided to revive a quilt that I began last year. It’s been quietly hibernating for nearly eleven months. It’s about time I finished it. I mostly just need to finish quilting the background, but first I spent the weekend un-stitching some particularly ugly … Continue reading

This project has been postponed

I’ve decided that I’m going to postpone the completion of this project. I wanted to complete it by today, but there’s no possible way to do that and still be happy with the results. I decided it was much better for me to relax, take my time, and enjoy the process. So, the quilt will go on the design wall for a while, and I’ll come back to it fresh … Continue reading

Roadblocks and irritations

I worked quite diligently yesterday. I usually do when a deadline is looming. I’m not one to give up easily. I stayed focused but still took reasonable breaks so I wouldn’t injure myself. My goal was to have both girls quilted and the central flower and leaves, too. I nearly made it. I got all of those things done except the arms, hands, and faces. I had a few roadblocks. … Continue reading

Product Review: EcoluxLighting

I had to make myself stop fiddling with the top and get on with it. Yesterday morning, I pin basted the quilt layers. Then I spent some time cleaning up my sewing area. I had to dig out George from under all the clutter that collects over time. Still unwilling to actually quilt something, I rationalized that I needed to really clean my table top around George. I even used … Continue reading

Finishing touches to the top

I started Monday by making what I thought were going to be just a few finishing touches to the quilt top. I thought I would just spend an hour or two, but that curvy bottom edge kept bugging me. I just had to change it. I dug in my trash can and pulled out the scraps that I had cut off. Thankfully, the print is really forgiving. I was able … Continue reading