Wedding invitations

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I know I’ve frequently mentioned the upcoming wedding for DD#1. We’ve been busy planning, which is sort of scary when you realize that my two daughters and I are all over-achievers and love details. Add to that the fact that we all have a do-it-yourself mindset, it does get us into trouble from time to time! Thankfully, the wedding isn’t until November, so that gives us lots of time to do various craft projects.

This week I decided I wanted to finish the invitations. DD#1 had an idea of what she wanted them to look like, so we went to work, and here they are!

It really wasn’t too difficult as a DIY project. The invitation is printed on a marbled vellum which is mounted on a textured burgundy cardstock. We folded an 8″ paper doily around it, wrapped it with a sheer burgundy ribbon, and secured it with a shimmery seal. The seal is printed with a logo that features the bride and groom’s initials. We initially designed the logo for the save-the-date cards, and now we are using it in various ways on other printed items as well.

DD#2 has been invaluable as slave labor. She loves detailed work, too. She spent numerous hours with me this week assembling the invitations. She is also the one who came up with the idea of lining the envelope flaps with dictionary pages. She’s been spending her evenings cutting all of the pages from the “P” sections of two dictionaries and fitting them inside the envelopes. (The groom’s last name begins with “P.”)

It has been a lot of fun brainstorming all the ways we can tie in various elements. You wouldn’t believe all the ways we could use lace and books if we were really going overboard! I promise, we will restrain ourselves at least a little. After all, I want to leave some time for quilting.

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  1. Susan

    Oh my goodness!!! Those are absolutely beautiful!!! Cannot wait to see them in person – and, hey, you promised we’d still get one!!

  2. Sharon

    so very pretty…..! It will be a beautiful wedding…..makes me wish you & DH had a dozen more daughters…..(smile).