Tupperware in my studio: part 2

tupperware01-01This piece of Tupperware is what I use for my cash box when I speak and teach at quilt guilds. It would probably also work well as a small organizing box for when you travel to a workshop. It is a nice, sleek size, just 10-1/2″ by 5-1/2″ by 2-1/2″. It has rounded corners on all sides so it easily slips into an empty space in a bag or suitcase. Although the picture looks black, it is really a beautiful indigo blue — manly enough for sweet hubby to use when he helps me at quilt guilds. I’ve seen these on eBay in bright pink, sold to store Barbie paraphernalia. This one is the only one I’ve ever seen in blue, so I snatched it up immediately.

I like that it has several good-sized sections that sweet hubby can reach in easily with his larger fingers. It has just the right number of divisions to store pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters. I keep my Square device in there along with a small stylus or two, and usually a pen. Three of the sections in the base have hinged covers that snap shut. There is a separate section in the top to keep dollar bills, checks, and a small calculator. If you are in need of a cash box, I highly recommend this piece. I don’t know its official name, but you may find similar items on eBay if you search for “Tupperware school” or “Tupperware box.”