Updated Quiltmaker’s Documentation form

As you may know, every time I speak or teach at a quilt guild, I always encourage people to take the time to document their quilts. Because of this, I have developed a Quiltmaker’s Documentation form that I distribute freely. The form helps you remember all the little details about your quilt, all the information that you will want to pass on down to your children when they inherit your … Continue reading

Tutorial: Computer printed labels

Yesterday, I touched on what information to put on a quilt label. Today I want to give you a short tutorial on an easy way to make a quilt label. My absolute laziest way to make a quilt label is to just sign the quilt with my favorite fabric pen, the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric. I’ve been know to just write directly onto the quilt backing. After many years … Continue reading

Tutorial: What goes on a quilt label

While I was putting the final touches on “Cabin Window” last week, there was a Facebook question about making quilt labels. That made me think of some of the different ways I’ve made labels through the years. I guess it goes without saying that I hope you label your quilts! Every quilt you make deserves to have your name on it. For a few years, I studied quilt history and … Continue reading

A very old quilt with people

To the best of my knowledge, I first saw a quilt that depicted a person in the early 1990’s. It was revolutionary to me. Just the idea! Finally I could combine my love of drawing people and portraits with my love of fabric. Since then, I’ve eagerly (greedily) looked for more quilts with people. I was thrilled when I stumbled over the Tristan Quilt, thanks to Pinterest. The picture above … Continue reading

Tutorial: Photographing quilts

Quilt photography

I am not a professional photographer, but I am convinced that just about anyone can take decent pictures of their own quilts; certainly good enough for documenting your quilts. In most cases, you can take pictures good enough to enter quilt competitions. Personally, I’ve actually only hired a local professional photographer once, and I was disappointed with his results. That said, I have sent a couple of my quilts to … Continue reading

Getting a quilt appraised

Getting an appraisal

Today DH and I took a little road trip so we could get “Windblown” appraised. Many quilters I know have never had their quilts appraised, but after more than twelve years of maintaining the Lost Quilt Come Home website, I am fully convinced of the necessity of doing this, especially for any quilt that will be shipped. There are actually several kinds of appraisals. I typically get an appraisal to … Continue reading

I lost 9″!

Magazine destash

I lost 9″ today! Nine inches of magazines taking up shelf space. Okay, I admit that might not sound like much. But, that is 38 magazines that I paged through and got rid of. Some I gave to a family with three kids so they can cut them up. Some went into the trash. I have a stack of more magazines to go through in future nights while we watch … Continue reading

Quiltmaker’s Documentation form revised

Quiltmakers Documentation form revised

After valuable insights from some generous quilters (thanks Karen, Sandra, and Margaret!), I made some revisions to the Quiltmaker’s Documentation form. If you downloaded one yesterday, you might consider downloading the new form today. The file has the same name, so it should overwrite the previous one if you save them both in the same place. The new form includes space for sales information and appraisal information. I made some … Continue reading