Word for 2013

A lot of quilters on the QuiltArt list like to pick a word to use as a goal or motivation for the coming year. I think I have trouble thinking long-term, but I’ve tried similar ideas. In 2011, I chose the idea of being “brave” when it comes to my artwork. It comes from a song by Nicole Nordeman, and some of the lyrics are “So long status quo, I … Continue reading

Quilt Queen will be traveling!

I just got notice today that “Quilt Queen” will be traveling! She has been accepted into the 2012 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. What fun! Now she can survey the far-reaches of her kingdom. I also sent an entry form for “Surrender,” but that one was not accepted. I really am not upset at all about it, though, because it means that we will have the quilt when our … Continue reading

Winners from the 2012 MVQG show

The Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild met last night, and they announced the winners from last weekend’s show. Our guild doesn’t use a panel of judges to pick the winners. Instead, each person that comes to the show is given a ballot as they enter, and they get to vote on their favorite quilt in each category. I always enjoy learning what quilts the average viewer picks since they are a … Continue reading

Permanent pages for Surrender and Quilt Queen

I have added Surrender and Quilt Queen to the “My Quilts” page. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking the information a bit from time to time, but for now you can read about each of these quilts on their own pages: “Surrender” can be found at http://mariaelkins.com/index.php/quilts/surrender/. “Quilt Queen” can be found at http://mariaelkins.com/index.php/quilts/quilt-queen/. … Continue reading

Product review: Lapel Stick

Quilt Queen

I got my April/May 2012 Quilting Arts Magazine in the mail yesterday, and quickly flipped through it to find my “Quilt Queen.” Rather self-centered, I know! But, I confess, it is always fun to see something you’ve done in print. Now that I’ve seen for myself that it’s really there, I can take my time to read the rest of the magazine. There are always such terrific articles and such … Continue reading

Introducing Quilt Queen

Quilt Queen by Maria Elkins

I want to introduce you to “Quilt Queen.” I just finished her on Friday, but thought sharing her with you today would be a great way to start the new year! She’s just 24″ square, and I created her as a way to experiment with different ways of using a glue stick in quiltmaking, which will be the topic of an upcoming “Out of the Toolbox” article in Quilting Arts … Continue reading