Next project: wedding dress

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Now that I’ve finished my Nancy Crow classes and the six workshops I taught at the NQA show, I have time to breathe. I think the next major project on my horizon is altering a wedding dress. As I’ve mentioned before, DD#1 is getting married. She wants a vintage feel for the wedding. We’ll be incorporating lots of lace, cut-glass crystal, and vintage family photos. Her engagement ring is a combination of her fiance’s grandmother’s and grandfather’s rings, and the wedding band comes from his other grandmother. We will be incorporating other vintage elements in the wedding and reception as well.

Although we did go to David’s Bridal to try on various wedding dresses, in the end she decided she would rather wear my wedding dress. We will do some altering and update it a bit to fit her personality, too. Here’s my wedding dress. We were married in 1981. You can see a detail of my dress above.

Right now my dress doesn’t fit her very well through the bodice. I think I’ll start by detaching the bodice from the skirt except at the back zipper. She also wants a different kind of sleeve, we just haven’t decided what it might be. The wedding is in November, so she’s a bit concerned about being cold. The length should be pretty good when she has shoes on, so we shouldn’t have to fiddle with that.

DD#1’s future mother-in-law sent her dress to us as well. They got married in 1971, and she wore a beautiful linen dress with gorgeous lace. We will be incorporating lace from her dress in the altered dress. I was really interested in how this dress was designed. First, I had never seen a linen wedding dress before, and this one is in wonderful condition. Second, it has apron-like overlays in the front and for the train, and then there is a slim skirt underneath. I’m hoping to use one or both overlays from her dress to make keepsake, linen tablecloth(s) for her future mother-in-law.

This should be a fun project. I had designed and sewn my own wedding dress when I was just 19. I think I will enjoy working on it again, customizing it to my daughter’s tastes.

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  1. SimplySusan

    You’re amazing and so fun to see Lydia in both dresses. I can hardly wait to see the finished result, but I guess I’m going to have to wait a bit. 🙂

    • Maria

      Hahaha! It’s not likely that the dress will be done in a matter of days since DD#1 is not sure what she wants for the sleeves!

  2. Eileen

    Both dresses are lovely. What a great idea to use something from both. Love the sleeves on yours especially. So romantic. Wonderful lace. Hadn’t heard of linen for a dress but it’s beautiful. Happy event to be working on!