Review of 2014

Introducing Hazel Rinoa

I can’t believe it is already the end of 2014! This has been a busy, eventful year for our family. Being “Mimi” means a lot of quilt making gets put on hold temporarily so I can focus completely on little Hazel, but I expect in the coming year things should start balancing out more. Here are a few of the bright spots for 2014. Click the caption for the full … Continue reading

Tutorial: Mounting a quilt on canvas-covered stretcher bars

Look at those nice, smooth corners.

Push-up #8 had to be set aside for a few days so I could deal with a bushel of green peppers. I also took a day to mount Acceptance on canvas-covered stretcher bars. This is the quilt that was commissioned for a pediatric hospice. When the director asked for suggestions on how to frame and display the quilt, I recommended that, instead of framing and placing it under glass, it … Continue reading

Review of 2013

My family

It’s nice to look back and reflect a bit, so here’s my short review of 2013. Thankfully it was a bit less eventful than 2012. There were several things I split my attention between. I spent quite a bit of time speaking and teaching at numerous quilt guilds across the country. Sweet hubby and I traveled to California, Des Moines, Decatur, and all over Ohio. I’ve included the long trips … Continue reading

Acceptance is complete!

Acceptance by Maria Elkins

I’m happy to announce that “Acceptance” is complete! It was really interesting doing this image a second time. I actually think the painting and quilting are both better on this one, so I am very pleased with it. I decided to make a few minor changes so people would be able to tell the two quilts apart. Besides giving this one a different title, I also decided to bind it … Continue reading

Taking a private retreat

Last Friday, in the middle of the first snow storm of the year, sweet hubby carried me off to a little getaway. We have friends who have a timeshare, but they weren’t able to use it this year, so he conspired with them and we ended up with a week away in French Lick, Indiana. Sweet hubby wanted this to be a little private retreat for us, and he told … Continue reading

Product Review: The Fabulous Fabric Glide

I squeezed in a few minutes today to finish quilting the mother’s hair. Yesterday, I asked a friend and fellow quilter if she had any free-motion quilting aids I could try out. She let me borrow The Fabulous Fabric Glide by The Gypsy Quilter. This product comes as a set of square “hoops” in two different sizes. I definitely liked that these had a rubbery, bumpy bottom that actually gripped … Continue reading

Product Review: Quilter’s Grip

Not too long ago, I purchased a set of Quilter’s Grips when Joann’s had their notions half price. I’ll be honest — I was probably tempted to buy them because they were blue, but I always like trying out new gadgets, too. The manufacturer says, “Using Quilters Grips gives you a rigid grip for pushing fabric when free motion quilting. Their easy on-off design provides the flexibility to control your … Continue reading

Product review: Finger Gloves

My self-declared Preparation Day ended up being all about the food. On Tuesday, I spent some time searching the internet for new recipes. After my usual Wednesday chores, I had fun getting some of the special Thanksgiving food prepared in advanced. In fact, I spent all my extra time cooking, so was no quilt preparation took place on Wednesday. I finished the rest of the cooking Thursday morning and early … Continue reading