Thumbs are important

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I thought I would have most of the day to quilt today, but life often intervenes around here. I got up early and thought I’d get a jump on the day by making a couple of broccoli quiches. That way, … Continued

Push-up #6 begun

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I began Push-Up #6 during our little private retreat earlier this month. I’ve stabbed at it a little at a time over the past two weeks, between all the other holiday activities. I’d like to finish it by tomorrow, so … Continued

In Memory of…

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Today our family remembers two very special people. My grandson, sweet little Amalya Nathaniel, was born and passed away on September 10, 2012. God used him in such amazing ways. We were blessed that he lived for one hour and … Continued

Updating websites

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I haven’t been quilting, but I’ve been very busy. Maybe you’ve noticed a difference? I’ve been spending a lot of time updating my website. Well, actually websites but more about that later. I’ve had this website since 1999, back when … Continued