Word for 2013

A lot of quilters on the QuiltArt list like to pick a word to use as a goal or motivation for the coming year. I think I have trouble thinking long-term, but I’ve tried similar ideas. In 2011, I chose the idea of being “brave” when it comes to my artwork. It comes from a song by Nicole Nordeman, and some of the lyrics are “So long status quo, I … Continue reading

Mission accomplished!


Yesterday was my favorite kind of day. Other than the obligatory walk (a whole three buildings away) to get the required celebratory Blizzard (LOL! Of course, it goes without saying that finding out that both “Windblown” and “Embrace 1” were accepted into the Houston show definitely added to it being a favorite kind of day :)), I was able to stay at home, in the house, the whole day! That’s … Continue reading

Happy dance for “Windblown” and “Embrace 1”

Windblown by Maria Elkins

Woohoo! Today is a happy day! I just received notification that “Windblown” and “Embrace 1” have been selected as finalists for the 2011 International Quilt Festival in Houston. If I do nothing else during the year, this is the one show I always try to enter, so I’m very excited about this! This is the first time that IQA has used email to notify finalists. Seems like a great idea! … Continue reading

Gallery updated

Gallery updated

I just finished updating my gallery page so it now features Windblown and Embrace 1. Writing artist’s statements is definitely not my strength, so if you have questions about either of these pieces, or if you have ideas of what other information should be included, please feel free to let me know. … Continue reading

Embrace 1

Embrace 1 by Maria Elkins

I’ve been so busy working on “Windblown” that I haven’t said much about “Embrace 1” which is the other quilt I just finished. It is a interpretation of three woodblock prints that I did during college. I’ve always liked the sketch-like quality of the image, and I wanted to try to capture the same feeling in fabric. I started with a black and white version last October. In November I … Continue reading

Another excuse to get away

Embrace version 3, continued

We just got back from a little get-away. Mostly we just wanted an excuse to use the RV one more time before DH winterizes it. We went to our favorite park which is less than 15 miles from home. It gives a chance to get away from normal everyday responsibilities and distractions. We go with our projects and a stack of DVDs from the library and just relax. We splurge … Continue reading

Embrace Version 3, continued

Analogous Embrace by Maria Elkins © 2010

I was blessed to have time in my studio again today. Okay, it’s my fault that this week was so busy. I insisted on not one, but two trips to Ikea. Poor hubby. He spoils me and I like it! Anyway, I spent more time replacing colors. Considering the fact that I never work in this color range (yellow-green, yellow, yellow-orange), I am actually having fun playing with such strong … Continue reading

Embrace Version 3

Analogous Embrace by Maria Elkins ©2010

Last night I cleared off my work table and began reworking “Embrace.” This time I started with yellow-oranges on the right and I plan on loosely gradating the colors to yellow-greens on the left. I didn’t get quite finished, but I think I’m liking this direction much more that the hand-dyed version. But it will have to wait. Today I decided we had to go to Ikea. I really wanted … Continue reading